White Label Program

Our private label reseller program is the most advanced in the world. With our service, you will appear to your customers as the Hosting Provider, with customization that spans our entire site. At every stage of the process, we have designed our systems to be completely invisible to the end user. You have more choices for customization, and branding then with any other reseller program. When you sign up, you will be live in minutes, and you get all of this for just the cost of an SSL Certificate! Whether you have 50 users, 50,000 users, or even users in the millions, our systems were designed to scale to unlimited users.

Site Customization

Here are just a few of the things you will be able to customize in our advanced Reseller interface.

  • Logo
  • News Scroller
  • Flash
  • Brand Name
  • Contact Information
  • Look and Feel
  • Pricing
  • Entry Domains - what domains customers enter via

Language and Currency

In addition, our site is totally Multi-Lingual, as well as Multi-Currency.  This means that you can support multiple countries without having to do a thing.  If you choose to support a language or currency, you can customize all the items above for that language.  Want to support Spanish, then just add to the news scroller a Spanish version.

Entry Domains

You can set up multiple entry domains that customers can come in via.  This means that if you want to support a US presence, as well as a UK site, all you need to do is set and as your entry domains.  When you do this, our system will automatically support the UK, and handle all currency in Pounds.


We will handle all support issues for you.  Our 24/7/365 support team will handle any issues that arise from your customers.  This means that you won't have the headache of dealing with support issues, and can leave that to our experts.  In addition, ALL communication from our support team will appear as if its coming from your domain.  This means that when users send support requests, or when a user gets an email from our support team, it will always appear from  This transparency layer is in every type of transaction we do with your customer.  In addition, we will setup a special site at that users will be able to use to chat, or get remote help from our support team.  Our phones are always open to your end users, and we don't require them to submit a trouble ticket if they don't want to.


We offer two choices for billing. We can bill the customer for you, or you can bill the customer and we will bill you. If you choose to let us bill the customer, all bills will appear as if it's coming from your company. This means that the entire invoice (an HTML email that is sent out) has your logo and all of your billing contact info (if you choose). In addition, if you want to support multiple languages, the invoice will be sent out in the proper language of the end user. This is the easiest system for you, since we handle all the payment charges, and billing issues that arise from monthly billing. Once a quarter, we will send you payment for your customers on our system. In addition, you can view the billing system at any time. The other choice you have is to have us bill you, and you can directly bill your customers. You will receive a bill monthly for each company, and you can in turn bill them.


We charge you a set price per service per customer, and you can choose what to charge customers.  So if we charge you $8.95 for a service, then you can mark up the service to anything you choose.  This allows you to set your own pricing structure.    You can choose to support multiple currencies if you want.  The prices that we charge you per service (per month) are as follows: